The Slovenia House Project devised for this edition of the Winter Olympics seeks to create an unforgettable spatial experience on a limited budget and with just a few spatial interventions in order to evoke the spirit of Slovenian top sports, entrepreneurship, hospitality and culture within an instantly recognisable setting inspired by traditional Slovenian architecture.

The Slovenia House has a great location. Positioned strategically right at the entrance to the Alpensia Resort, the venue has no standout qualities, hence the decision to set up a partition structure, i.e. a traditional hayrack, to split the space into different functional areas. Inserting a new volume will create a more condensed spatial experience, eliminating elements that could obstruct the use of the space and creating a new/old archetypal space of disparate ambiances with wood as the signature material. The overall design strives to reconcile Slovenian architectural tradition (the hayrack) and socialising tradition (Slovenian inn) with the Korean tradition of writing out wishes on lanterns. Moreover, the goal is to merge in one space appreciation of the archaic origins of our setting with modern high-tech achievements as well as merge handicrafts and technology, sports and business, Europe and Asia.



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